Additional Information and Resources

Learn more about Oconee County

Wikipedia provides a good overview of Oconee County

including its history, geography, and demographics.

Learn more about The Oconee Economic Alliance

The Oconee Economic Alliance is a public-private nonprofit organization. This website is an excellent resource for investors and businesses to learn more about the investment and economic opportunities that Oconee County provides.

Learn more about Opportunity Zones

EIG - The Economic Innovation Group provided the catalyst for the Opportunity Zone idea. They remain a leading source of valuable

news and information.

Learn more about South Carolina Opportunity Zones is an excellent source of data and information on the two opportunity zones in Oconee County and all other zones across the state. Their interactive map is particularly useful.

Learn what the US Department of Treasury has to say

This is a comprehensive resource for IRS

guidance on opportunity zones.

Learn about the detailed tax considerations

 Novogradac is a national professional services company that has been a leader in providing tax interpretations regarding opportunity zones.