Newry Village

Newry then

Newry Village

In 1894 a textile mill began operations on the banks of the Little River. Stretching west of the mill was a village that the mill's founder named Newry. 

Newry now

Newry, SC

Today,  Newry still sits on the banks of the Little River, but looming above it is Lake Keowee - formed by a dam along the Keowee River and an earthen one across the Little River that you see in the top left of this picture. 

OZ 306.02

Census Tract 306.02

Census tract 306.02 is the Oconee County opportunity zone strategically located with Seneca at its southwestern tip, Clemson at its southeastern tip and Lake Keowee stretching along its western edge. I refer to the southern part of this zone as Newry Village. As with Oconee's other opportunity zone I assume it is no accident that 306.02 contains an abandoned mill, ripe for redevelopment into multi-family housing, particularly with Clemson University less than 8 miles away.