Utica Mill Hill

Utica Mill then

Utica Mill Hill

In 1898 a textile mill was built on the outskirts of Seneca City.  Rising to the east of the mill a village was constructed, which came to be known as Mill Hill. Over time the mill changed ownership and names, the last being Utica. The Utica Mill Hill area today is unincorporated, though the residents there do have a Seneca address. 

Utica Mill today

Utica Mill

The Utica Mill was closed in 2006. When the opportunity zones in Oconee County were selected it seems evident that the location of an abandoned mill was a key consideration. Many old mills typical of this one have been successfully transformed into profitable multi-family developments. With a rapidly growing Clemson University less than 8 miles away an opportunity for student housing may present itself at the Utica Mill.

OZ 307.01

OCSCOZ 307.01

The unshaded portion within the blue boundary that defines Census Tract 307.01 is the area of this opportunity zone that I refer to as Utica Mill Hill.